If you want to save yourself from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, abstinence and outercourse is the safe, effective and free ways to achieve this avoiding sex is difficult for some people. There are many benefits that you can derive from abstinence and outercourse.

Both abstinence and outercourse are simple, free and effective way to prevent pregnancy. The fact remains that abstinence is the only way that has shown to be 100% effective to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). When you practice outercourse, you have a lower risk of becoming pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

There are several benefits of Abstinence. Below are some of the reasons people preferring abstinence:

  • They exercise patient until they are ready for a sexual relationship
  • They wait to find the right partner
  • Enjoy the company of their partner without getting involved in a sexual relationship
  • They don’t want to be distracted from school, job or hobby
  • Respect their personal, moral or religious beliefs and values
  • Avoid break up
  • Recovering from the death of a partner
  • Yield to their doctor’s instruction during or after a sickness, infection and or medical procedure

What are the benefits of Outercourse: outercourse can:

  • allow couples to give each other sexual pleasure without resulting in pregnancy or transmitting STD
  • strengthen trust and intimacy between partners
  • Prevent pregnancy in the event that there is no other type of birth control
  • Help you to have a better understanding of your body and that of your partner
  • Help you learn how you (and your partner) want to be touched and what is good for you

There are so many advantages that teens and younger people can derive from both abstinence and outercourse. The only way to prevent the risk that arises from sex such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is by abstaining until the time you think you are ready to prevent or handle them. Another great benefit of abstinence is that it can help you to focus on things that are paramount to you, such as friends, school, sports, activities, entertainment, and planning your future. People who refuse to sex during adolescence and have fewer sexual partners throughout their life are less likely to have sexually transmitted diseases.

However, there are some disadvantages of abstinence and outercourse

Although abstinence and outercourse are extremely effective in preventing pregnancy and STD, it is difficult to avoid sexual intercourse. And if you are planning to refrain, but end up with vaginal sex, you may be pregnant if you do not use birth control.

Most people end up with sex with another person at some point in their lives. Therefore, it is always good to have a reserve plan for birth control, such as holding a condom. Condoms remain the only birth control method which has been found to be effective in protecting yourself from STD.

Outercourse can also have its own shortcomings as well. Some types of outercourse can spread STD. During intercourse, if semen accidentally gets on a vulva or in a vagina, this can lead to the occurrence of pregnancy.

To some people, it can be difficult to avoid vaginal sex when they are involved in sexual activities. Sometimes people who make use of outercourse in order to prevent pregnancy do not have alternative birth control plan at hand. In the event that they cannot control their self, they later result in having unprotected sex which can lead to pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.