Sexual Headaches

In any sexual relationship, there is a higher risk of experiencing sexual headaches. Sexual headaches are serious headaches which occur during sexual activity, especially when you masturbate and when you reach orgasm. Although sexual headaches are usually mild, however, it can be an indication of a more serious problem especially if the pain occurs suddenly and severely. Therefore, if you are suffering from sexual headaches you should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.

Sexual headaches are common among men than women the frequency of occurrence in men is 3-4 times higher than women. If you have sexual headaches, you can feel a dull ache pain in your head and neck, which often accumulates when sexual excitement increases. There can also be a sensation of a sharp, sudden headache just before or during an orgasm.

In the event that you experience sexual headaches during sexual activities, open and honest communication between you and your partner can help ensure a more enjoyable and positive experience. If you suffering from sexual headaches make sure you get in touch with your doctor for accurate diagnosis and appropriate medical attention.

What are the causes of sexual headaches?

Sexual headaches do not only occur due to sexual intercourse; there are so many activities that can trigger the occurrence of sexual headaches examples include those that end up in orgasm such as masturbation. This condition has an unpredictable occurrence, sometimes occurs at regular intervals, and in other cases appears sporadic. However, you are at higher risk of sexual headaches if you are tired, stressed, or have sexual intercourse several times.

What are the symptoms of sexual headaches?

There are two main types of frequently reported sexual headaches. During the first type, an excitement that occurs as a result of sexual intercourse and/or orgasm causes contraction of the muscles of the head and neck, resulting in intense pain. The feelings you have in this type is like a sudden blow to the head. The other type is usually manifested as intense vascular headaches, which usually occurs just before orgasm. This type of headaches can start in response to high blood pressure and can manifest itself around or behind your eyes.

Prevention of sexual headaches

Although some sexual headaches may be inevitable, there are many things you can do in order to reduce the chances of experiencing sexual headaches. Some of the suggested methods of prevention include weight loss, increased physical activity, and engaging in a more passive role amid sexual intercourse. In addition, it may be beneficial to avoid drugs that may act as a power booster (such as marijuana, amyl nitrite, amphetamine, sildenafil, and some anxiolytics) to reduce the risk of a sexual headache.

Treatment of sexual headaches

Fortunately, most sexual headaches disappear without treatment. However, if you believe that you are suffering from sexual headaches make sure you see your physician so that you can both discuss possible ways to eliminate other serious causes. If needed, your doctors may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), called indomethacin, which can reduce pain.