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If you want to save yourself from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, abstinence and outercourse is the safe, effective and free ways to achieve this avoiding sex is difficult for some people. There are many benefits that you can derive from abstinence and outercourse. Both abstinence and outercourse are simple, free and effective way to prevent … Continue reading Abstinence

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Safer Sex

What is safer sex? A safer sex is referred to as a sexual activity done which involve protecting yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections. Safer sex has been found to make an individual healthy and even bring about a better sex. How a safer sex can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases? Sexually … Continue reading Safer Sex

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Something About Masturbation

When talking about masturbation, it involves sexually arousing yourself by touching your genitals. Masturbation is common among men and women and you can masturbate yourself or someone else. Aside from the pleasure it provides, masturbation can assist you in having a better understanding of what you like and dislike about sex. Masturbation enables men to … Continue reading Something About Masturbation

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