Sexual Health & Sexual Pleasure

One of the most essential parts of overall sexual health is a sexual functioning. This means the ability to experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction when desired.

What can you do to improve sexual health?

There are lots of ways sexual pleasure can be experienced starting from masturbating to oral sex to sensual massages and various other possible ways that can be used to feel sexual pleasure. During the period when we are sexually stimulated, our bodies react in certain ways. This begins from a racing heart to fast breathing; inflow of blood into genitals. For ladies, what they feel is their vagina will be lubricated and the clitoris will swell as well. For men, there will be an increased blood flow which results in an erection. All of these are part of the sexual response cycle.

The most critical aspect of the scenario is what happens when something in this response cycle does not work as expected? Perhaps a woman has a problem getting aroused or find out that the lubricants her body produces are not enough which results in a painful sexual intercourse. A man may have difficulty achieving an erection or may find it very difficult to reach orgasm.

What caused these sexual problems?

Sexual problems of these types are common and may have psychological or physical causes. Health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic diseases can affect your sexual functioning, just like hormonal changes. The emotional effect of chronic illness can also affect sexual health. Stress, anxiety or depression can also cause sexual disabilities for both men and women. Medications to treat these conditions can also aggravate the problem.

When does the occasional problem become serious? This happens when sexual difficulties are more than just casual. When it seems to be persistent and disturbing, they will disrupt a healthy sexual life, and this could be the best time to consult a healthcare professional. The availability of solution remains the good news about sexual difficulties. Sometimes drugs can be a solution. In other cases, therapy can be the best methodology. The most important part remains to get the help you need in order to have a satisfying sexual life.

Discuss with your partner

When there are sexual difficulties in a relationship, it affects both partners. Take for instance; when a man has erectile dysfunction (ED), it is not just the man’s problem alone, it also affects his partner. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can stop a man from having sex with his partner. A female partner can shift the blame on herself thinking that she is no longer desirable. She can also blame her partner and doubt his disbelief as the cause of his erectile dysfunction. This is where talking to your partner about any sexual difficulties you are facing, it is very important. Lack of communication can be destructive to both couples, especially when a man is having problem of erectile dysfunction. If you are a man with this problem, try your best to discuss this with your partner, it is a vital part of managing your sexual health and sexual life.

For men’s sexual problem, it can be improve by taking some male enhancement pill. There are a lot of female that have sexual problems like lack of libido and sexual desire. They won’t even feel like want to have sex. There are some medicine that can improve this as well, but only if they feels like want to solve the problem. This can only rely on both the partners to solve it together.