The Pros And cons Of Faking An Orgasm For Women

Whether we’d like to admit it or not – the fact remains that many woman fake orgasms. The truth is that over two/thirds of all women that have had sex have reported that they have faked an orgasm. Why should this be the case? Are there any merits to faking an orgasm for women?

Well, first of all, faking an orgasm is a convenient way to end the sex for women. Regardless of what you may think about sex – it’s the truth that sometimes it’s just not all that pleasant. So, a woman may want to end the activity right there and then at a particular moment. Faking an orgasm is a very convenient way for her to do so – by acting satiated she will give her partner a clear information that the sex act is nearing its end.

Another distinctive benefit (in the eye of the woman doing it) is that the woman will keep the man’s ego in one piece. Men have it in their psyche that all of them are the best lovers in the world. They believe that they must completely satisfy a woman with every sexual act that they do. If a woman doesn’t orgasm – then the male ego may become hurt. And this is not something that many women want to watch their man go through. So, the simplest thing that they could do is actually fake an orgasm and let the man feel superior in his sexual proves.

However, there are bad things that may happen if you fake an orgasm as a woman. First of all, you’re lying – and this is almost never a good thing. One lie leads to another. If you fake an orgasm during a moment when you’re not actually feeling it – then the man may take the situation for real. So, the next time he may try and do the exact same things to you, thinking that they turn you on – when they actually don’t. And in this way, you may make your sexual experience very bad in the long run.

It’s much better to have real orgasms instead. Of course, the road to achieve orgasm is not clear-cut for many women. Different women have different turn-ons – and many women find out they can’t really have an orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. But the road to finding out what really turns you on will be very rewarding in the end – albeit it can be more troublesome to get there.

That being said, we sincerely think that there’s no reason whatsoever why a woman would ever need to fake an orgasm. Honesty is one of the most important principles of leading a better sex life – and things are not much different when it comes to sex. Being able to honestly express what your body is feeling in bed is a very powerful thing that you can do. You will have a lot more powerful sexual experiences than ever before if you get to this level.