Benefits Of Public Hook Up

We have all heard a story of a friend of ours that has hooked up in public at some point. Some of you will be turned off by this idea – as it can seem too vulgar and repulse. But many of you will instantly be turned on by it. Well, what gives? Why are so many people excited by the prospect of having public hook up?

Well, it’s pretty simple really. Psychologically speaking, there is a thin layer between the twin feelings of fear and excitement. And the fear that you may be caught while in the act of doing it can be a very powerful libido enhancer that can crank up the excitement. Your blood will naturally start rolling around your body due to the anxiety that you may feel when in public. And this is, as luck would have it, a precursor to experiencing strong and memorable emotions and also sexual arousal.

Also, in some cases, some people are even aroused by the fact that they may be watched by other people. This is also one of the things that make public sex so fun and exciting. It can be seen as a performance act – especially if it’s done in the dark in places where there are very few people that may know you personally.

It will also strengthen your immediate bond if you do something in secret. The best way to go about this is to have sex in a relatively public place. What we mean by this is that there will be many people around you that may enter at any moment and see you – but that won’t. After you finish having sex and get out – this can be a very thrilling experience for the two of you.

Also, there is a big stigma attached to having public sex. There is a stigma in some parts of the world even for having sex altogether. So, in a sense, you can feel very liberated by the act of having public sex. Many people would scoff at it. They would say that it’s vulgar and primitive. But deep down you know that most people would really enjoy doing something along those lines and that public hook up is one of the most prevalent sexual fantasies in the world.

You could very well feel bored by having sex in the exact same room in the exact same bed all the time. From time to time, you will have to spice things up and keep them exciting. And what better way to keep things exciting than public hook up?

So, it’s not a wrong thing to do to have public sex. Just be mindful not to get caught – as it can be an embarrassing scene for everyone involved. Moreover, this is even considered a misdemeanor in many jurisdictions. But oh well, this is what makes having public sex even more so exciting! If you’re dubious about it, then try it out! We can all but guarantee that you will end up loving every moment of your public sex experiences.