Sex Positions For Hot Shower

8 hot shower sex positions you can try tonight

Is there anyone who is not in the mood when they see their partner with them in their shower? The water falling, the steam, the lovely aroma that floats in the air and the aphrodisiac appearance of the naked skin. Why shifting games to another place why the shower is another interesting place to turn things around? Here we have put some sex positions that are so hot that you would like to try them tonight.

  • The Wraparound

For this type of sex position, you rest back against the wall of the shower and have your man standing in your front, you then wrap one of your legs around his waist or preferably, you ask your man to grab the back of your knee in the crook of his elbow in order to make the move a little bit easier on you. The wraparound works because there are two things that support you, the wall and the strong arm of your man, there is a reduced risk of tumbling out of the tub. Again, this position allows face-face sex which is so nice because it’s so intimate.

  • Standing Doggy-Style

In this sex position, your arms against the shower wall lean towards the wall at an angle of 45 degrees with your knees slightly bent so that you can be comfortable. You man can then enter from behind. This is considered to be one of the favorite sex positions of the shower for this reason: you are safe between the wall and your sex partner who certainly enjoys the sight.

  • Sit and slide

Ask him to sit with his butt on the tub’s base and stretched out his leg, then ride on him for each version of the woman above the sex you like.

This sex position allows her to sit at the top and control the pace and intensity. The water that hits your back will warm you up.

  • Get a Leg Up

Put yourself in the position you would use to shave your legs – you know, lean forward with one foot resting on the edge of the tub. But instead of shaving, let your man enter you from the front or back, this depends on what makes you feel more comfortable.

Certainly, there are lots of risks associated with this position, a foot positioned on the edge of a slippery tub could make you oust the said tub so continue with extreme caution and dry feet.

  • The Hanging Garden

In this sex position, the man holds the full control, picking you up and holding you midair as you wrap your legs around the waist of your man. Though it might be a little tiring him, it’s worth it.

This sex position in the shower will feel ultra-sexy with the water flowing around both of you. Moreover, since you are face to face, you can always recognize the whole moment.

  • Standing Splits

In this sex position, your man is behind while you bent over; this position is a replica of doggy style. Instead of being bent, put your head on your toes and raise one leg in a standing split, as you would in a yoga class. Leave the leg you raised on his chest.

If you are flexible enough, definitely it’s a position you can try in the shower. Just ensure that there is a bath mat laid on the floor, as it helps with stability and balance.

  • The love chair

If your shower has a bench, use it. Ask your man to sit on the bench and you sit on top of him.

This sex position is also known as The Man Chair or The Hot Seat; it allows the woman to have a complete control. During that time, he can caress your back, put his fingers through your wet hair, kiss you on your neck and set his eye on your backside.

  • All Hands on Deck

When it comes to having sex in the shower, it’s not just about penetration. Relax and start things off with a soapy hand job or you allow him to finger you while you rest on him under the falling water.

The smooth feeling of the legs, hands and other parts that slides against each other is a sure way to get in the mood. And since getting into a position in the shower can be a sensitive thing, hands-on or oral action can be a sexy solution for too small showers and very slippery floors.