Advanced Clitoral Orgasm Techniques

As soon as most guys start having sex, they quickly learn that there are many different shapes and types of female genitalia. At first, it can seem that these differences do not affect the quality of sex, but for guys who understand what they are doing, these tiny differences between the shapes and types of vulva, vagina, and clitoris can make a huge difference. This is a guide to the shape of the vulva-types of clitoris.

  1. Which Way Does Her Vagina Bend?

If you check in most medical textbooks, then you will see diagrams of her vagina as being completely straight and perfectly lined up with her partner’s penis. The reality is that this is ridiculously oversimplified. While some women’s vaginas are this exact shape, the reality is that there is a range of orientations from ones that bend slightly to the left, right or up. This makes it important for guys to practice changing the angle that they enter women from and occasionally change the angle of their hip thrusts. The difference may not feel like much to you, but for some women, the difference between uncomfortable and orgasmic can be a few millimeters.

  1. Where is Her Clitoris Anyway?

Some guys will think that this is a joke of the ‘guys can’t find the clitoris’ variety. Don`t worry, it’s not (For a start all the guys I know can find the clitoris quite easily!). Rather it is a reminder that there isn’t just one position for her clitoris, but a whole range. The closer her clitoris is to her vulva, the more easily she will orgasm. If on the contrary, the distance is much (This is usually defined as further away that the width of your finger (thumb)) then you will need to increase foreplay massively to give her the orgasms she wants as she will be unlikely to orgasm from penetration alone.

  1. The Labia

Probably you haven’t thought much about the labia (The flaps of skin that surround the vagina) however they can be used to stimulate her clitoris. Using your lips gently pull them during oral sex and it will give her a different kind of clitoral stimulation.

  1. The Clitoral Hood and Its Role.

As you give her cunnilingus, take a second to look at her clitoris. What you should see is that there is a thin membrane of flesh over the top of it. This is called the clitoral hood. If the hood covers a lot of her clitoris, you will need to open her legs wider and use harder motions to make her orgasm, on the other hand, if it is little and insignificant then touching it could be too intense for her, and you will need to use more lubrication and stroke around it.

All of these tips will help you to understand her body and give the orgasms that will amaze her. Remember that her body is as unique as her personality and try to tailor the orgasm to what she uniquely wants. Soon you will find that the number of orgasms she has increases naturally.