Tactics to Break the Ice Quickly and Impress Him

There are some ways you can introduce yourself and feel an instant rapport with the person and in some ways that can make you feel stupid and clumsy. To be sure of doing the right thing and endearing yourself to the guy, make sure you go about it in the ways explained below.

Make sure you look terrific

It pays to look highly attractive and appealing before you can make a move in his direction. The more you take care to be well groomed and beautiful, the greater the chances of him wanting to shake that hand you are holding out! If you look unkempt and unattractive, he could give you the cold shoulder. Personally I will rate this like 7.5/10, this is very important. You may not look like going for party or so, but clean, neat is the basic thing to give other a good impression. I believe you wouldn’t want to date someone who look bad as well.

Show a great deal of confidence and grace

It is a known fact that “self-confidence” in a woman is a definite turn on! Gone are the eras when men wanted their ladies to be the dependent and helpless female that turned to them for everything! Today men want to see a great deal of self-confidence and grace in a woman to see that you have plenty of it before you introduce yourself.

Be ready to use your charm

Be willing to ooze charm and sex appeal. This is an exciting combination that will make him take an instant liking to you. In fact, if he notices that you are sexy and charming, he will be eagerly waiting for an introduction and will send you vibes to that effect. This will make it fairly easy for you. At this point, if you are attractive enough, they guy will make the move and you will save a lot of effort.

Don’t try to be pushy and overconfident

Overconfidence will make you look pushy and arrogant, and this could put him off. If he thinks that you look like a bully, he could distance himself from the word “go.” Be natural and friendly so that he is not being threatened in any way. He is more likely to enjoy meeting you if he senses that you are genuine.

Make him want to know you

Before you go up to him and introduce yourself, you should make sure that he is aware of your presence a long time before! If you try to make him aware of how gorgeous and irresistible you are, he will start to flirt with you and send you signals that tell you it is okay to go over.

Wait for the right opportunity

Don’t be too much in a hurry to introduce yourself. Let the chemistry and sexual tension build between you before you can go and say hello. Waiting for the right time and opportunity will pay off and allow you enough time to assess the situation and even read him!

Get a little help from a friend

If you are still too shy to make the first move, you can always take the help of a close friend who knows him. This friend can arrange to introduce you in a casual and friendly manner that will not be so obvious. It is a sure way of meeting him and getting to know him.

Be casual, just relax and follow the flow. Guys will take over and take control over the situation if he is interested with you, unless he is too shy to do so.